Microblade and Lash Traning

What is Microblade?

Microblading (also known as feathered brows) is a technique to create fine hairlike brows by etching using a manual hand tool with a configured angled blade. This is the most effective method to create the most natural looking eyebrows.

Our 3 day course will introduce you to everything you need to get started. You will learn how to map, shape, style, theory, safety and compliance, color theory, skin types, business structure, sanitation, proper handling of equipment (such as single use disposable needles and Microblading pen tool).

What is Microshade?

Microshading (also known as shading, or soft powder) is created with the use of a PMU machine. This creates a soft powdered effect that resembles eyebrow pencil or powder. 

This technique is similar to Microblading but instead of creating hair stokes, a fuller softer effect is created. 

Our course teaches you a technique to create a beautiful "makeup" look. A beautiful combination when paired with the Microblading technique.

How do I get my tattoo license in Washington?

For residence in Washington State, please click here to apply for your tattoo and body art license.

You will also need your Blood-borne Pathogens Certificate, found here.

Please contact us at info@VancouverBrowandLashAcademy.com




All courses require a $300 deposit which is non-refundable. 

By enrolling our courses, it is the responsibility of the students to make every effort to attend each day. Crucial information may be missed if a day is missed. Certificate will not be given for uncompleted courses. You may need to re-enroll for the course if missed. 

The remainder of the balance will be due the day of your course before starting.

No refunds once you attend a course.

All students must be a licensed professional and able to provide any support documents. Please check with your State's requirement.

By taking our course, it does not make you a licensed professional. You will be certified. These are continued education courses, check for the requirement for your states regulations. 

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