Our Trainer

Betty Vang

Master Artist | Educator

Betty Vang has always been driven and goal oriented. She has always had a passion for the beauty industry. Like most people, she was working a regular 9 to 5 job. She decided to take that leap to make a change in her life and follow her dreams. She attended Paul Mitchell The School, in Portland, OR. Needless to say, this was the best decision she has ever made. She has always been creative, artistic and detail oriented. She quickly gained knowledge from the beauty industry and all of it’s glory. Betty found her passion in Lash Extensions. Once perfecting the art of Lash application, she started to gain popularity. She managed to start her own business, which you all know as Spades Beauty today. 


Betty quickly started to stand out and caught the attention of other companies who wanted her to start teaching other students her knowledge. She would go on to teach Lash Courses in several different states and made quite a living. Skies were the limit for her, but never looking to settle. 


Betty has always been determined to stand out and be the best. She has always kept up with all the latest fashion trends. She then turned her attention to Microblading. She attended a small tattoo school locally in Portland, OR. Having told the instructor she only was interested in semi permanent cosmetic makeup. Her instructors giggled and told her “You're wasting your time, no one wants something that is semi-permanent, this is not going to become popular”. Not letting anything stop her, she remained focused. Once graduating from tattoo school, she started to attended numerous conference, workshops and training events all over the U.S. to gain more knowledge of the different techniques of Microblading. She is very dedicated, committed and always wanting to learn.  


She is one of the pioneers to offer this service in the Portland area. After perfecting her craft, she has gained quite the clientele and a wait list of 5 months out. Until this day, she is unable to keep up with all the great outcome. 


Betty has inspired many people wanting to follow her same footsteps. Her amazing journey has touched many people and so many can relate to her hard work and struggles. She is now ready to embark on another journey and is ready to provide her knowledge here at Vancouver Brow And Lash Academy.