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Booking your appointment

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*Rates will vary for clients coming from another Microblade Aritst

It is very important to keep a few things in mind when considering Microblading or Microshading.

  • No current brow tattoo (contact us if you have existing brow tattoo)

  • Currently not pregnant or nursing

  • Have not used Acutane or Retin A in the past 12 months (contact us for more details)

  • No recent Botox near the Brow area within the last 4 weeks

  • No severe medical conditions (talk to your doctor to see if tattooing is an option for you)

  • Able to lay down for at least 3 hours

  • If you have oily skin, Microshade (Ombre brows) may be the best solution

  • Currently not taking any blood thinners (i.e. Omega Fish Oil)

A credit card is required to book any appointment.
A $50 deposit is required to book any Microblade service
No deposit is required to book a Lash Extension appointment, however a card is required to book the appointment. 
The card on file will be charged for any no shows.

Are you a candidate for Microblading?

Click below to see if you are a good candidate.
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